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LIFETIME Deal Ends In...


You missed out!

LIFETIME Deal Ends In...


You missed out!

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Your Questions Answered:

1#. Do I Have To Ship The Items Myself?
Nope! We take care of all that for you!We will ship all your products for you. All the packing,
printing and posting is taken care of for you.No stress at the post office.No hassle of printing
shipping labels. It’s completely hands free.

#2: Do I Have To Pay For Shipping Myself?
Up to you. You will always be charged shipping at cost (we don’t mark that up at all). But
shipping on the sales side is set to FREE by default. If you would rather charge your customers
for shipping you can easily override that and charge a flat shipping rate.

#3: Can I Use My Own Domain?
Absolutely!You can make your store your own by easily adding a custom domain of your choice.
So your TinyBrander stores become your own & your customers see YOU as the big brand.

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#4: Do I Have To Pay For Updates?
Not at all!You will benefit from the expertise of our round the clock development team,who
keep TinyBrander working perfectly round the clock and answer any burning questions you
might have.

#5: Do I Need To Hire & Pay For A Designer?
Absolutely no need! TinyBrander’s beautiful designs have been created by our expert design
team, after hundreds of hours of analysis of the most profitable and highest converting
eCommerce sites on the web. Created perfectly to convert and maximize your sales using
modern eye-tracking technology - you can have your sites up, running and converting in just
minutes. of course, if you do want to do some customization, it’s fast, easy and takes no
more than a drag and a drop.

However, if you struggle with design there is an optional upgrade to purchase design credits
with our expert team of designers to ensure your product looks top notch !

#6: I'm A Newbie. Is TinyBrander Right For Me?
Your TinyBrander system is so easy to use, you can get started creating your first store in less
than an hour - regardless of your experience level. In fact, it’s the easiest and fastest way to get a
profitable eCom business off the ground,with no risk, no investment and no products to store!

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#7: In What Countries Can I Make Money From TinyBrander?

You can use TinyBrander and sell to anyone, anywhere in the world no matter what country you're from.

#8: Where Is Direct ‘Hands-Free’ Shipping Available?
Direct shipping to the end user is available anywhere in the world with our worldwide hands
free shipping

#9: Do I Need To Download Or Install Anything?
Nope - TinyBrander works exclusively on app - so, you can create and sell from your stores
anywhere with an internet connection.Our easy-to-use system and built in tutorial will help you
glide through the entire set-up process in minutes.You won't need to worry about complicated

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#10: Can I Manage My TinyBrander Business On A Mobile?
Yes! Or an iPad.Or your laptop.Or desktop. TinyBrander is completely mobile - so you can run
your business on anything and anywhere with an internet connection.Total flexibility - maximum

#11: Is Your Ready-To-Go Store Designs & Copy Really Good?
Yes! They’ve been tried and tested and tweaked for maximum conversions, right from the
outset. We’ve prioritised maximising sales in our design.You’re getting an eCommerce platform
that's perfect for people who simply want to sell as many products as possible online without
the complication of third-party apps, custom themes that require coding or having to do any of
the hard work themselves.

#12: Is There A Subscription Required?
Nope! All you need to do is top up your wallet when you make your sales - you don’t even have
to top it up before you make any sales.You’ll be notified when you make your sales and you just
need enough in your wallet to fulfil your small contribution towards product cost and the
fulfilment of your product. The rest (all the profit) is all yours.That’s serious risk-free money in
the bank.

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#13: I Want To Buy A Bulk Of Sample Products For Myself…Can I Do That?
Yes, of course - we can ship your personally branded products to your home or work address
ANYWHERE in the world. So you can show them off, sell them direct to local businesses, take
them to trade shows and EXPOS and so much more…

#14: I Have A Few Customers Who Are Not US Based -Will You Help Me Ship To Them?
Of course.We’ll help you get products to your customers by shipping them in bulk to you -
anywhere in the world!

#15: Do I Have To Pay For Any Apps Or Add-Ons?
Nope!We’ve built TinyBrander from scratch - so we’ve been able to include absolutely
everything you need.

#16 What Payment Systems Are Integrated Into Tiny Brander™ ?
Our famous payment processors are integrated to make taking payments and putting them
straight into your bank an absolute breeze. Included are:
• PayPal
• RazorPay
• Stripe
• Square
• Braintree
• Klarna
• Easy Pay Direct
• PayGate

#17 Just Checking This Isn’t An MLM?
Of course not!You own your business - and the products are branded to you.You never have to
recruit anyone.This is a complete business in a box - with all the hard work removed.

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#18 What Products Do I Get To Sell & Profit From Inside TinyBrander?
• Diet: Keto Capsules, Colon Cleanse Capsules,Metabolism boosting Patches
• Skin: Skin Cream, Instant Under Eye Lift,Vitamin C Serum
• CBD: CBD Oil, CBD capsules, CBD Cream, CBD Patches
• Male Health:Testosterone Boost Caps,Muscle Boost Caps,Male Enhancement Patches
• Hair: Hair Growth Caps, Hair Growth Serum
• Hangover: Hangover Patches
• Sleep: Sleep Patches, Pillow Spray, Leg Cramp Cream

#19 Will You Be Adding More Profitable Niches?
We sure will!We’ve started with 7 of the most profitable and the ones we’ve made the most
money from and have the most experience in - BUT as Tiny Brander™ grows and so do your
business and profits,we’ll be adding a ton more profitable niches including, Sports Supplement,
Energy And Mental Agility - Which are already in the works!

#20 I’m worried about liability - who is responsible ?
Simple answer -We are. In supplements the liability always flows back to the manufacturer of
the product. As such we carry a $5,000,000 insurance policy to protect both us and you as our
clients. Although in 23 years of making supplements we are yet to have a claim on this policy.

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#21 Are these quality products ?
Yes, All of our products are made in FDA registered facilities. We are required by law to uphold
quality and sanitation levels. All products are manufactured to FDA cGMP standards and as such
you can reply on their quality.

#22 Who handles returns ?
This is your choice. If you want us to handle them,we are happy to do so and will provide you
with a PO box returns address. There is a small $2.50 per return handling fee for this service.

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